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My name is Barbi Dorfan.

I was born and raised in South Africa, and moved to the USA in 2010.


I entered into the world of mosaic-ing in 1999 during a pregnancy rest from an IT job in the corporate world.

I looked for something to keep myself busy coupled with the need for a creative outlet and was inspired by creating mosaic art.

I became addicted to the feeling of satisfaction that comes with creating something beautiful and unique with my hands. I love being able to create beauty through a process which I find therapeutic.


I have had the good fortune to study with some master mosaic artists including Luciana Notturni of the Mosaic School of Ravenna, Italy; and Sonia King of The USA.

Each mentor has contributed to refining my approach to my creativity.


More recently, I have collaborated with fellow artist and friend Helen Segal on some public art installations.

I also exhibited and sold some work at an exhibition at the Gotthelf Art Gallery here in San Diego.


I have explored a vista of mediums, which have evolved into my current style. I enjoy aesthetically combining a diversity of colors and materials with a somewhat abstract and whimsical edge. My style has continued to evolve in this way.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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